Wellington Painter FAQ.

How much will it cost to paint my house?

Painting cost varies by project, largely depending on the amount of surface preparation work required and the size of the project. 

We offer competitive rates that are generally below the market average. As a ball park, a full exterior house painting project is generally around $15-20K. 

Interior projects vary widely from $1-2K upwards depending on requirements.

We are more than happy to provide you with a free quote. 

Wellington Painter Cost

Resene Paint Wellington

Do we have to use Resene Paint?

No. We use Resene as they offer a high quality product made for NZ conditions. We also get commercial rates which means we can pass on some of the savings.

If you would prefer to use another brand or supply your own paint this is fine. However, we can generally match most colours if needed. 

Can you paint multi-story buildings?

We currently take on projects up to two-stories high and work closely with local scaffolding companies to provide safe access for painting. Scaffolding charges are passed on at cost. 

Do you complete painting jobs outside of Wellington City?

Yes. Depending on current workload we can occasionally fit in projects outside of the Wellington City Area. A travel component is generally factored into our total quote to cover costs and ensure all fees are inclusive in the quoted price. 

Do you do wallpapering and plastering?

Yes. We provide both these services. 

When can you start?

We take on only a select number of jobs. Meaning, weather permitting, we work on only one project at a time and will not leave you waiting months for completion once we start work. 

This approach means start dates will be scheduled based on workload. Please give me a call to discuss 0226783671.